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Event "Ultra- and Nanofiltration in Water Treatment" - Workshop on "Operational experience and research results"
Event 4-day intensive course on: “Seawater and Brackish Water Desalination by RO Technology – Engineering Practices”
Event 6-day intensive course on: “Theory and Practice of Brackish/Seawater Desalination by Reverse Osmosis Technology”
Event 8th IDS Annual Conference
Event First Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians - COP1
Event ISIIMM Coordinators meeting
Event ISIIMM exchange seminar Lebanon / Morocco Workshop/field days
Event Integrated Ground Water Resources Management (IGRW) Training Course
Event International Symposium on Drylands Ecology and Human Security (ISDEHS): Regional Perspectives, Policy Responses and Sustainable Development in the Arab Region - Challenges
Event International Symposium on the Advancement of Science in the Arab world and Role of International Cooperation - SRO4: Scientific Research Outlook Symposium
Event International seminar on treatment and recycling of urban and industrial wastewater
Event Joint International Conference ‘Desertification and the International Policy Imperative’
Event Man and River Systems II: Interactions among Rivers, their Watershed and the Social system
Event Oasis and Sustainable Tourism
Event The 18th Session of the Council of Arab Ministers' Responsible for the Environment
Event The 5th Iberian Congress on Water Management
Event The third International Conference on Environmental Performance Upgrading: "Water and Energy saving in the Enterprise"
Event Third Arab Water Regional Conference 2006: “Research Advancement in Managing Limited Water Resources”
Event Training Course on Leadership for Integrated Water Resource Management in Arid Countries in the MENA Region and Beyond
5th Mediterranean Water Forum