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Folder Objectives

The EU Water Framework Directive is the result of several years of consultations between the Member States on a common integrated water management policy. The Framework Directive aims to:

  • protect all waters - rivers, lakes, coastal waters, and ground waters
  • set ambitious objectives to ensure that all waters meet good status by 2015
  • set up a system of management within river basins that recognises that water systems do not stop at political borders
  • encourage cross-border cooperation between countries and all involved parties
  • ensure active participation of all stakeholders, including NGOs and local communities, in water management activities
  • ensure reduction and control of pollution from all sources, such as agriculture, industrial activity, and urban areas, etc.
  • establish water pricing policies and ensure that the polluter pays.

One of the main objectives
  • the protection of aquatic bodies and of water resources.

Environmental objectives
  • to reach the good status of surface waters (ecological and chemical) and groundwaters (chemical and quantitative)
  • to avoid their deterioration

Objective to reach in protected areas
  • to suppress the discharges of prioritary dangerous substances in 20 years and and to reduce emissions of prioritary substances.



5th Mediterranean Water Forum