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Document Water Scarcity and Droughts, Second Interim report, June 2007

Version no.: 1.0 Date: June 2007
Author(s): DG Environment, European Commission

Following the presentation of a first analysis of water scarcity and drought issues during the Water Directors meeting in June 2006 and the Environment Council meeting on 27 June 2006, Member States asked for further discussion on specific measures.

The Commission proposed to come back with an in-depth assessment identifying the magnitude of the problems linked to water scarcity and drought and the size of the residual gaps in the implementation of EU existing policies.

The Expert Network on Water Scarcity and Droughts supported the Commission's further data collection and analysis carried out through a questionnaire.

A first interim report was presented to the Water Directors in November 2006. The conclusions of the report pointed out the need to better assess the scope and the impacts of the issues. A second questionnaire was disseminated to all Member States in early 2007 in order to fill in the gaps identified by Member States and the Commission.

This document is the second interim report on Water Scarcity and Droughts. It updates the first interim report on basis of Member State replies to the second questionnaire and information provided by other DGs of the Commission.

It is presented to the Water Directors on 18 June for discussion.

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