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The Mediterranean Groundwater WG (MED-EUWI Working Group on Groundwater) was set up in September 2004, as a thematic group of the Mediterranean Joint Process between the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative (MED-EUWI). In parallel, it was directly linked to the EU Common Implemrntation Strategy (CIS) of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). 

The objective of the Mediterranean Groundwater WG is to exchange experiences, share common challenges and develop synergies between EU and non EU countries of the Mediterranean region, aiming at the adoption of a common vision on groundwater resources management, based on the Water Framework Directive (WFD) approaches and objectives and the regional conditions.

During its first phase (2004-2006), a report (Mediterranean Groundwater Report) has been prepared by the members of the WG. Among other issues, this report includes:

  • description and analysis of the role and importance of the groundwater resources for the Mediterranean region,
  • an identification of the most significant problems, pressing needs and challenges for the region regarding groundwater resources management,
  • specific recommendations, based on the WFD approach and the experiences of the EU and non-EU countries of the region,
  • approaches and aspects of the WFD which need specific attention and proper adaptation in the Mediterranean context.

The Mediterranean Groundwater WG, during the second phase (2007-2009) of the Mediterranean Joint Process, will be engaged mainly in the development and/or promotion of common approach methodologies and techniques for optimal groundwater exploitation and pollution control in the Mediterranean, based on the experiences of the EU and non-EU countries of the region, existing best practices and the regional conditions.

Working Group leaders and their contact details:


Spyros TASOGLOU, Greece, Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, Central Water Agency



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