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News Fiware4Water: Co-development of a smart water application

The Centre for Water Systems (CWS) at the University of Exeter and the South West Water (SWW) are working closely in the EU H2020 Fiware4Water project to explore opportunities for future digital water solutions. 

One such project is the co-development of a smart water app to empower SWW customers towards water efficiency and reducing bills. SWW intends to become the first Water Company in the UK using FIWARE to exploit the capabilities of smart meters for feedback to the customers and increasing water saving awareness.

Through Fiware4Water, CWS will develop a mobile app, backed by the smart meter data and FIWARE technology, to engage with domestic customers. The users will be able to track their daily water consumption, compare their usage with the average of other similar size of households and explore options to improve water efficiency. Artificial intelligence technologies will be applied to help the customers detect leakages to avoid wasting. The smart water app will raise the customers’ awareness in water consumption, leading to the changes of behaviour and result in benefits in both financial savings, as reductions in water bills, and environmental savings shown through the reduction in water treatment and distribution. It is also hoped that the data collected will lead to greater insights and understanding of water use and provide opportunities to better meet customer needs.

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News date 29/04/2020
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