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News Model Provisions on Transboundary Groundwaters

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has published a report, titled 'Model Provisions on Transboundary Groundwaters,' which seeks to improve transboundary water management in the context of the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention). The report includes nine provisions for the management of transboundary groundwater along with commentary and encourages their use by states sharing transboundary groundwater.

The provisions include: taking all appropriate measures to prevent, control and reduce transboundary impact and using transboundary groundwaters in an equitable and reasonable manner; using them in a sustainable manner and accounting for the amount and quality of groundwater in reserve and its rate of replenishment; cooperating in the identification, delineation and characterization of transboundary groundwaters and establishing joint monitoring and assessment programmes; cooperating on the integrated management of transboundary groundwaters and surface waters; taking all measures to prevent, control and reduce the pollution of transboundary groundwaters; establishing arrangements for the exchange of information and available data; establishing and implementing joint or coordinated plans for proper management of transboundary groundwaters; subjecting activities to environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedures; and establishing a joint body for implementation and coordination of the Model Provisions.


The report is the outcome of meetings by the Core Group on Groundwater, and inputs of the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment and the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management. The Model Provisions on Transboundary Groundwaters were adopted by Parties at the sixth session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP 6) to the UNECE Water Convention. 

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