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Following from case studies in Africa on groundwater management and several exchanges among regional groundwater professionals a meeting was organised in Pretoria to discuss the way forward. Groundwater is seen by the groundwater experts themselves as being a 'cinderalla' in the water sector:

  • Integrated water resources management is failing to integrate at the basic level of surface and groundwater management;
  • Groundwater managers are little informed about IWRM and sector reforms; and
  • there are a lack of professionals who understand groundwater management.

Participants at the meeting from 14 African countries decided to form a capacity building network. The network will focus on building collaboration of groundwater managers across the continent as well as address capacity issues in terms of groundwater skills, groundwater management and improving the visibility of groundwater within water sector reform and IWRM. Participants identified areas of action and committed themselves to taking these forward to implement them with two or more institutions collaborating.

Convened by Cap-Net the meeting had the support of WA-Net, WaterNet, Nile IWRM-net, BGR, Global Water Partnership, Southern Africa and UN - Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC).

More information can be obtained from the network coordinator Richard Owen. and a full report of the meeting is available here.

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News date 15/09/2008
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