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The International Network of Basin Organisations and the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations

  This agreement was signed in May 2002 in Quebec and was renewed in 2005 in Marrakech (Morocco) up until 2008. The partnership notably works towards the exchange of knowledge on water management at river basin level, and in particular the application of the European Union Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The International Network of Basin Organisations, which is part of the Global Water Partnership, has the following objectives :
  • to develop permanent relations with those organisations interested in global river basin management, and to facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise among them
  • to promote principles and methods of sound water management in cooperation programmes,with the aim of reaching sustainable development
  • to facilitate the implementation of tools for: institutional and financial management, programming, the organisation of data banks, and of models adapted to their needs
  • to promote information and training programmes for local elected officials, user representatives and the various actors involved in water management, as well as for the executives and staff of the member basin organisations
  • to encourage education of the population, the young in particular
  • to evaluate ongoing actions and disseminate their results.
5th Mediterranean Water Forum