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Global Water Partnership

The Global Water Partnership is a working partnership among all those involved in water management: government agencies, public institutions, private companies, professional organisations, multilateral development agencies and others committed to the Dublin-Rio principles.

The GWP has built up a network of regional partnerships in Central America, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, China, Eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa and West Africa.

These regional partnerships bring various sectors and interest groups together to identify and discuss their common water problems and to develop action plans based on IWRM (integrated water ressources management).

In the Mediterranean, the Partnership has facilitated dialogues on effective water governance, water and climate, water demand management, river basin management, and dams. The Partnership has been instrumental in developing further components of the Framework for Action for the Mediterranean, promoting good practices in IWRM and producing information and education material.

The GWP Mediterranean has been instrumental in facilitating the "Euro-Mediterranean Water and Poverty Facility", a facility designed to improve the livelihoods and health of poor people in the region and to reduce the vulnerability of the region's people to disasters such as floods and droughts. The Facility is lead by the governments of Egypt, Greece, Morocco and Tunisia.

The International Network of Bassin Organisations (INBO) is a programme associated with the GWP.

5th Mediterranean Water Forum