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Regional Water Knowledge Network (RWKN) on Systemic Approaches to Water Resources Management

Objectives of the action

Overall objective: Enhance the use of Systemic Approaches to Integrated Water Resources Management throughout the region among local authorities, other decision-makers, researchers, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders

Specific objective: Develop the function of the Regional Water Knowledge Network (RWKN), existing of linked platforms at different geographical levels, bringing together a range of institutions interested in the creation of new knowledge in systemic approaches to water management.

Target groups

Decision-makers, water managers and technicians of water-management institutions, in particular local authorities, and non-state actors that support and/or are involved in dialogue with decision-makers, such as representatives of CSOs, researchers, experts and practitioners

Final beneficiaries

Population at large who benefits from improved access to water resources

Estimated results

1. The Regional Water Knowledge Network has been established

2. Good practices of successful demo projects (applying systemic approaches to water management) are collected and distributed over the Network

3. Knowledge, insights and awareness on systemic approaches to sustainable water resource management has been increased, shared and disseminated

4. Guiding papers on systemic approaches that could be applied to Natural Resources Management have been developed and distributed

5. The capacity of local authorities to use systemic approaches has been strengthened

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5th Mediterranean Water Forum