Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector
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PDF D2.2 Assessment of data availability Download Item only translated in French
PDF D1.1 Catalogue of data sources and tools Download (2 versions)
PDF D1.2 Prioritisation list of sub-basins Download (2 versions)
PDF D2.1 Repository of data sets Download
PDF D3 1 1st Draft water flow diagrams and associated SEEA-Water tables Download
PDF D3.2 Geo-referenced database for water accounts Download
PDF D4.1 Water efficient targets for future revisions Arno RBMP Download
PDF D5.1 Final Water Account Tables Download
PDF D6.1 PAWA project leaflet Download (2 versions)
PDF D6.2 Lessons Learnt Download
PDF D6.3 Detailed list of dissemination activities, including project presentations during events Download (5 versions)
5th Mediterranean Water Forum