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Project Development around the stoppings

- The Program aims to ensure the protection and the valorization of the natural resources, in particular the resources water, within the framework of a durable and participative development in the zones of influence of 18 existing stoppings and to increase the incomes and to improve the living conditions of the rural populations around these stoppings.

-  This Program forms part of the strategy of main road as regards mobilization of surface water, which the European Union joined and which aims increasing and at developing the resource, in particular by building additional works of reserve. The Program of stoppings  accounts for approximately 12% of the total additional water capacity which sought to develop the above mentioned strategy. The total objective is to contribute to the durable rural development.

Project number TUN/RELEX/1999/0178
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Geographical coverage Tunisia,
Budget (in €) 19500000
Programme MEDA-NIPs
Web site

 - The specific objective of the project is to improve the incomes and the living conditions of the populations through a suitable management of the water resources and grounds around 18 existing stoppings.

- The principal Objectives of the project concern:

The support and framing of the recipients;the protection of the watershed;the installation of a system of follow-up of the stoppings ; Improvement of the Infrastructures basic (rural tracks, social buildings,..).

- The awaited results of the project are:
- The watershed of the stoppings (97.114ha) will be protected by installations from Conservation from Water and Grounds on approximately 13.500 ha;
- The sources of income of the populations will be diversified and improved by giving the priority to the women and to the young people;
- The rural infrastructures will be improved; the activities of installation, maintenance and distribution of water will be managed in a viable and effective way by associations and their members;
Period [12/01/2001 - 12/01/2008]


  • Délégation de la Commission Européenne en Tunisie
    - Implementing organisation: Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Environnement et des Ressources Hydrauliques.
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Tunisia
    Web site
    Contact Délégation de la Commission Européenne en Tunisie ,
    Phone/fax: + 216 (71) 960330 , + 216 (71) 960302

Funding sources

  • European comission/Relex
    Source European comission/Relex
    Programme MEDA-NIPs
    Funding rate 74
  • Government of Tunisia
    Source Co-financing of Government of Tunisia
    Programme MEDA-NIPs
    Funding rate 26