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Project Application of hydrometeorological methodologies of forecasts directed to the environmental risks

The project wishes to pass from a traditional approach to an innovative approach which considers the natural risks intrinsically nonavoidable and which develops the forecast. That allows thus, by the programming of the interventions of moderation, living with the durable problem of way. It is thus a question of increasing the dialogue on the various levels of the public administration, the prevention and the forecast of the natural risks started by intense atmospheric phenomena, and of reinforcing cohesion between operational services thanks to the co-operation, the experience sharing, the possibility of facing together the weather-hydrological problems related to events of intense precipitations, in order to bring all the partners to the same objective and to lead to a common methodology. It is finally a question of characterizing on the level of the zone Medocc, the intense events of precipitations, in terms of specificity, analogies and local characteristics, in order to be used as reference even for the programming in Community medium

Project number n/a
Acronym Amphore
Geographical coverage Italy,Spain, France
Budget (in €) 2424055
Programme Interreg III(Espace Medocc)
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Objectives - "AMPHORA" is interested in the forecast and the prevention of the natural risks, with a reference particular to the risks which had with intense hydrometeorological phenomena. The prevention of the natural risks is one of the fundamental elements of a policy of management of the territory combining the development, the conservation of the natural inheritance and the optimal use of the resources. The actions of protection of the natural environment must also hold account of the potential vulnerability of the territory, as well as of capacity of adaptation limited of the natural systems to intense hydrometeorological events.

- The elements of the system of prevention of the natural risks are: the knowledge of the dangerous phenomena, capacity to envisage such phenomena, the knowledge of their impact on the whole of the ecosystem, the definition of concept of risk, and finally actions of prevention related to the level of discounted risk. The project also envisages a participation of the population, management tools of situations of risk, as well as actions of planning and programming in order to reduce the entity of the risk compared to the causes which are at the origin of such situations.
Period [31/03/2004 - 30/06/2006]


    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Italy
    Contact Mr Stefano Bovo,
    Position: General coordinator of the project
    Phone/fax: 0039 0 113 168 203, 0039 0 113 181 709

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source FEDER
    Programme Interreg III(Espace Medocc)
    Funding rate 46