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Project Towards a Mediterranean Water Information Mechanism compatible with the Water Information System for Europe (WISE)

Project number n/a
Geographical coverage Algeria,Egypt,Israel,Jordan,Lebanon,Morocco,Tunisia,Turkey,Syria,Palestine,
Budget (in €) 375000
Programme EC-ENRTP
Web site http://

The objective of this project is to prepare a Mediterranean information mechanism on water which is compatible with the Water Information System for Europe -WISE- and that will support the Med Joint Process between the EU Water Initiative and the Water Framework Directive. This mechanism will stream line the access to quality data related to water in the Mediterranean Partners Country (MPC).


The water authorities of the MPC have shown a great interest in developing National Water Information Systems to improve integrated water resources management in their countries (cf feasibility studies carried out by EMWIS on national systems and regional observatory mechanism). The technical guidelines that will be produced by the project will help these countries to build systems compatible with the EU system WISE. Adopting these guidelines has a clear added value for the Med Neighbourhood countries of the EU that will benefits from the experience of EU countries for both data and water management.


But in order to motivate all water stakeholders of non EU countries to provide services compliant with EU standards, an information product will be prepared on the basis of the data to be managed by the Mediterranean system. The focus will be on water quantity indicators necessary for the management of water scarcity and drought.


By establishing an information system open to all Mediterranean partners but based on EU practice, partner countries characterised by developing economies or by economies in transition will be helped with greater information access.  This will facilitate the establishment and implementation of policies compatible with the principles of sustainable development promoted by the EU


The projects will provide:

  • An online metadata catalogue of water information sources in Med Partner Countries
  • A regional synthesis on water quantity issues related to water scarcity and drought (exact issue to be defined during the project)
  • A set of online tools for data collection, enhancement and access including web mapping tools
  • Technical guidance for developing water information system interoperable with WISE
  • Support for the organisation of a working group meeting of the Med Joint Process on water monitoring and one on water scarcity and drought
  • A Mediterranean web entry point within WISE


Project's outputs will available for similar development in other Neighbourhood countries and for managing other topics (e.g. water quality issues, waste water treatment, etc.).


The expected results are:

  • Increased accessibility and availability of water data
  • Interface between WISE and the Med Water Information Mechanism


Period [02/01/2008 - 30/06/2009]