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Project Environmental rehabilitation project: Industrial park of Berrechid

Development of a pilot model of an eco-efficient industrial park through the establishment of an internal expert team for technical assistance to companies in the industrial area of Berrechid, leading to the realization of a waste water treatment and reutilization system and of a monitoring system for the whole area in the context of the rehabilitation programme of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Telecommunication.

From a general point of view, it would seem that the environmental laws of the Kingdom of Morocco will soon come into force. This is why the fund FODEP (Fund of industrial depollution) has been created. The treatment of waste liquids exceeding the standards of indirect rejection will soon become obligatory. Having the FODEP a limited duration, it seems more reasonable to benefit from it now, rather than to wait until it's not available any more...

From local point of view, it should be known that ONEP will put in function very soon a station of purification by lagunage and that it's going to valve of the companies not aligned with the standard of indirect rejections.

With the FODEP fund it's possible to finance the installations for liquid waste treatment up to a total value of 40% in form of gift and 20% in form of credit within the Italian credit line.
It's also possible to obtain a gift from the ABH of about 20%, but till when?

For more information concerning:

-The general project: Alexandra ROBASTO (Environment Park)


-the italian credit

-the ABH: Kacem EL HAJJI

Project number n/a
Geographical coverage Morocco
Budget (in €) 0
Programme LIFE
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Objectives The project, developed in the frame of the Strategic Plan of rehabilitation of Industrial Areas carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, is intended to promote the transition of the site of Berrechid from an industrial lotting to a real Industrial Park. This change will be done by carrying on an activity of technology transfer on the following subjects: waste water treatments, recycling and internal re-utilization of treated water.
The project that starts from a micro industrial approach has besides a global view because it considers the Park as a unique "actor" suitable for the development of an integrated management system. The aim is to improve the environmental sensitivity of industries, to develope the environmental management of the Park and to prepare the area for the implementation of the environmental infrastructures.
Results Constitution of a permanent organism involved in the environmental matters and in particular those refering to water management technologies.

Creation of a team of four technical experts on technologies of water management in the company and on environmental management of industrial parks.

Diagnosis of the totality of the companies of the Berrechid Zone.

Realization of feasibility studies over 15 companies aiming to evaluate the technical and economic treating conditions for the adoption of various technological solutions for recycling and recirculating water.

Definition of a reproducible plan which can be useful for other contexts to level the factory sites as predicted in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Industry.

Pre-condition necessary for the installation of an environmental management system for the industrial area (in accordance with the PNUE prescriptions).
Period [01/02/2005 - 31/01/2007]