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Project Developing the Danube River Basin Pollution Reduction Program

Building on earlier efforts, such as the Danube Strategic Action Plan, this project was intended to stimulate
sustainable institutional and financial arrangements for the effective environmental management of the
Danube River Basin. The project’s immediate goal is to prepare activities to prevent and reduce pollution
necessary to restore the Danube River Basin and protect the Black Sea environment. Prioritized pollution
reduction projects, set within a strategic policy framework for the Danube and Black Sea basin, will be
presented to national and international sources for cofinancing. The project’s objectives are to (a) complete the
knowledge base for priority setting, (b) review policies for protecting the Danube Basin and Black Sea, (c) increase public awareness and participation, and (d) develop financing for the pollution reduction program
within the context of the Danube Strategic Action Plan.

GEF Allocation US$3.9 million
Cofinancing US$3.6 million
Total Financing US$7.5 million

Project number n/a
Geographical coverage Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic
Budget (in €) 0
Programme United Nations Development Programme
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Objectives · Develop prioritized pollution reduction projects for cofinancing by national and international sources
· Improve and develop policies for protection of river basin
· Increase public awareness and participation in solving the Danube’s environmental problems


· Update and prepare national reviews of the Danube system and economic impacts on it in each country
· Analyze national action plans for existing and planned investments and work toward an agreed,
basinwide analysis of priority environmental issues in the basin and their impacts on the Black Sea
· Initiate review of the Danube Strategic Action Plan, and initiate development of an overall Black Sea
approach to managing international waters, pollution reduction, and ecological rehabilitation
· Issue newsletter on the river, supporting the Danube Environmental Forum and national NGO meetings
· Establish a Danube network on the Internet, and update the Danube Information System
· Provide small grants for community-based pollution reduction and awareness projects
· Develop financial strategies for reducing pollution in each country
· Prepare and propose projects on priority hotspots
· Develop long-term mechanisms to provide financial support for the Danube River Basin.


· Improve quality of water and ecosystems in the Danube river basin
· Strengthen capacities of environmental NGOs
· Improve international cooperation on sustainable management of the Danube and Black Sea.

Period [01/10/1996 - 30/09/1998]