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News Spain: Irrigation with ozonised water to tackle fungal and bacterial damage on broccoli

The Council of Agriculture is carrying out a test at the Centre for Demonstration and Technology Transfer 'El Mirador', in San Javier, to see if the use of ozonised water with foliar applications in the irrigation of broccoli crops helps reduce the damage caused by fungi and bacteria, such as botrytis and sclerotinia.

Ozone, as a natural disinfectant, is capable of destroying viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is much more effective than fertilizers, but without it having any toxicity. It is a gas that does not accumulate and leaves no residue. Once its function has been completed, it becomes oxygen.

Ozone-treated water makes it possible to obtain plants with more strength, more vivid colours and a faster development, as well as larger, juicier and more homogeneous fruit, a higher yield per plant, greater volumes in less time and a reduction of production times. However, the most important benefit is the saving of water that is achieved with this treatment based on ionised water.

The Region of Murcia is a leading producer of fruits and vegetables in Europe, especially broccoli. It is also the Spanish province exporting the most cabbages. Hence the need and importance of this test, which seeks to grant producers in the area access to more efficient cultivation techniques with a lower consumption of resources such as water.

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News date 31/01/2018
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