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News Request for Expression of Interest for Roster of Experts in Lebanon's Water Sector

The GIZ project "Enhancing Water Resource Management" (WAMA), commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has as a set objective that ‘Conditions have been created for improving the legal, financial, institutional and organizational framework for wastewater management’. This includes introducing systems that reduce cost and increase revenue in water service provision, which remains the primary source of income for WEs and their most pressing concern.

With the Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) as its political partner, and in collaboration with the Water Establishments (WE), WAMA is working towards achieving outputs concerned with supporting wastewater management, sludge treatment, energy efficiency, and Non-Revenue Water (NRW). Through WAMA, GIZ also actively participates in multiple thematic taskforces set up by the MoEW and co-leads the NRW taskforce.

GIZ is also anticipating the expansion of WAMA through a BMZ-EU joint action, wherein which it will also tackle the set up and/or expansion of SCADA-compatible water source Metering and Monitoring Systems (MMS) as well as the upgrading and updating of WEs’ subscriber databases through national surveying campaigns. In preparation for the joint action, WAMA is building knowledge on these thematic areas and planning studies.

WAMA is hereby calling on experts in Lebanon’s water sector to express their interest in providing consulting services to the project across various thematic areas. Experts qualified by WAMA will then form a roster of experts the project will call upon for specific services, to be determined and elaborated when the need for them arises. Members of the roster may be awarded contracts through direct awards, competitive processes, and/or negotiated procedures, in line with GIZ’s Processes and Rules.

Thematic Areas

1-Utility Management and Operations

Expertise in overseeing and optimizing the operations of water utilities. This includes understanding of water supply and distribution, wastewater management, and ensuring efficient service delivery. Professionals in this area ensure that utilities operate within regulatory guidelines while maximizing operational efficiency.

2-Hydraulic Engineering and Modelling

Specialists in this field design and analyze systems that manage water, such as channels, transmission pipelines, and distribution networks. They utilize (computerized) mathematical models to predict water flow and ensure that infrastructures are designed/configured to handle various scenarios and contexts.

3-Leak Detection and Network Maintenance

Experts in this domain focus on identifying and rectifying leaks within water distribution systems. They employ advanced technologies and methodologies to detect and address leaks, ensuring minimal water wastage and maintaining the integrity of the water network.

4-Water Law and Administration

Professionals with expertise in the legal aspects of water management. They understand the regulations, rights, and policies related to water usage and distribution. Their knowledge ensures that water projects comply with local laws. Their understanding of public administration allows them to navigate bureaucracy.

5-Water Quality and Treatment

This area requires knowledge in assessing water quality and implementing treatment processes to ensure water is safe for consumption and release into the environment. Experts here understand various contaminants, their testing protocols, and the technologies to treat them.

6-Geographic Information Systems

GIS experts use spatial data to map and analyze water resources, assets, consumers, and services. They assist in planning, monitoring, and managing water-related projects by providing visual insights and data-driven decisions.

7-Customer Relationship Management

Professionals in this domain ensure that water utilities maintain a positive relationship with their customers – i.e. subscribers. They build or evaluate processes to manage customer queries, complaints, and feedback, ensuring that services meet customer expectations.

8-Performance and Change Management

This expertise involves evaluating the performance of water utility staff, departments, contractors, and processes, and implementing changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Experts here drive organizational change to adapt to new technologies or methodologies, or to support institutional reform and development efforts.

9-Safe Sludge Treatment and Reuse

Specialists in this field focus on the safe treatment and disposal of sludge from wastewater treatment plants. They also explore methods to reuse treated sludge, turning waste into valuable resources.

10-Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Experts in this area aim to reduce the energy consumption of water utilities. They implement renewable energy sources and optimize processes to ensure that water operations are sustainable and resilient to crises.

Qualification Requirements

The goal of this REoI is to create a list of up to 20 qualified experts across the various thematic areas. All interested individuals with the right to work in Lebanon are required to submit the following information and documents for assessment. To ensure the completeness of the EOI please take care that the documents/information in your application have the same order as below:

  1. Official letter expressing interest (letter must be attached)
  2. Personal details including full name, full address, phone number and email address (data / information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire)
  3. Copy of Ministry of Finance (MoF) registration. (If Available) Please note that experts not registered with the MoF are eligible but will be taxed at a higher rate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Comprehensive CV showing all the expert’s experience and highlighting sections they deem relevant to this REoI. These sections can include relevant employment, consulting, research, or academic experience.
  5. Summary CV, not exceeding 2 pages, highlighting experience within the last 5 years.
  6. Three (3) reference projects with a minimum commission value of EUR 3,000 for services within one or more of the thematic areas specified above. Reference projects must be performed within the last ten (10) years. Reference projects to be named and specified in A10 / Questionnaire, projects description max 2 DIN A 4 pages per project shall be attached separately).
  7. Self-Assessment Matrix (below) duly filled in. Please note that the matrix is not the basis for GIZ’s assessment and serves only to categorize applicants and facilitate the evaluation process.

How to apply

The information and documents specified above shall be submitted to GIZ in PDF format by October 8th, 2023, at 23:59 Beirut Local Time at the latest, to the following email address: ;

The subject line must be clearly marked as follows: “EoI for Roster of Water Sector Experts”
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