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News According to UNICEF report: In Aleppo water continues to be used as a weapon of war

According to the report published by UNICEF in September 2016 Syria Crisis Situation Report: in Aleppo water continues to be used as a weapon of war. Both deliberate and collateral damage to the public water infrastructure was recorded during September. On 22 September, attacks by government forces on the Bab Al Nayrab water pumping station in eastern Aleppo interrupted water supply to some 250,000 people in the city. In retaliation, Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs) temporally cut water supply from Sulieman Al Halabi water pumping station to some 1.7 million people in western Aleppo. After negotiations between UNICEF partners and AOGs, the water pumping resumed. On 30 September, the water supply from Suleiman Al-Halabi pumping station serving both eastern and western Aleppo was again deliberately cut. As of 5 October, UNICEF’s partners managed to repair the damage to Bab Al Nayrab allowing water to flow to eastern Aleppo. Sulieman Al Halabi has also resumed operation although given repeated attacks and fighting in the vicinity, the future operation of the station is uncertain.

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