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News WWF: Water as a Globalised Resource

WWF will devote its enhanced presence at World Water Week to highlight the urgency of considering water security for the environment and humanity more and more as regional and global issue.

WWF will be keeping up the momentum in its campaign for more countries to ratify and bring into effect the UN convention on transboundary waters (UN Watercourses Convention) to provide the basis of sustainable, equitable and peaceful sharing of waters that cross international boundaries.

WWF will also take the opportunity to launch a number of key new freshwater studies and initiatives at World Water Week, including water footprint studies for German. Another key study will use the growing number of national water footprint studies to show that water conservation in the developing world is in the security, nutritional, health and economic interests of the developed world.

WWF is also a participant in a joint report with SIWI, UNESCO and other NGOs on the significance of environmental flows to the functioning of landscapes, the health and welfare of humans and human communities, and to resilience to external challenges such as climate change

WWF continues to be a leader in demonstrating that making rivers, wetlands and other freshwater systems function more effectively now is the key to increasing their resilience to expected climate change impacts in the future and will be showcasing some of its latest climate change adaptation work.

WWF is also working closely with business to promote efficient and sensitive water use in industry. Representatives of some companies WWF is working with will be available to detail the extent of profitability, reputation and business efficiency improvements from a more comprehensive examination of the place of water in business and the communities they operate in.

The organisation has experts available to answer specific questions related water and environmental issues, and hosts several sessions during the World Water Week.


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