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News Open Call: Research projects on Climate Change Impacts in the Mediterranean Region

ERA-NET CIRCLE project has just released its first joint open call on cooperative research projects.

This pilot common call is open to application between 11 July and 12 October 2007.

Portugal is currently engaged in the ERA-NET CIRCLE (Climate Impact Research Coordination for a Larger Europe: Project.

Within this broader European framework specific geo-climatic groups were set up to cope with common climate change research interests, impacts and adaptation needs.
This announcement represents the first pilot call of the ERA-NET CIRCLE and it is launched by the Mediterranean community within this network: CIRCLE-MED.

Taking into account the Mediterranean regions' specificities the present call will focus on the two following topics:

- Adaptation strategies and tactics in the water sector and coastal zones
- A new equilibrium in the integrated management of water and coastal resources

Portugal, Spain (Galicia), France, Italy and Israel are the CIRCLE-MED partners which have contributed to this call putting forward a total budget of 2.15 Million Euros.
In view of available budget we recommend that projects should not exceed 200 000 Euros and shall have a maximum total duration of up to 24 months.

The call is open to research consortiums with a minimum of 3 countries (2 partner countries plus one from a Mediterranean country outside the contributing group).

Funding is granted according to financing countries. Each participating country funds its own national research institutions collaborating in the joint research consortiums, according to national funding rules. Non-EU Mediterranean countries will be eligible for financing (e.g. subcontracting) although restrictions may apply accordingly to contributing countries' national funding rules.

Contact information Luisa Henriques and Telmo Carvalho (email: ;
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News date 07/08/2007
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