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News The Right to Water in Kosovo

Despite foreign help, Kosovo today is a poor country, where more than 47% of the population lives in poverty, surviving on a mere US$2 a day or less. Thirteen percent of the population lives in extreme poverty, lacking access to safe water and health services. Because of the lack of adequate sanitation systems, about 80% of rural population consumes contaminated water from domestic wells.

Access to drinking water: 44 % (7% in rural areas)
Access to sanitation: 28% (3% in rural areas)

Kosovo is a country in transition under the UNMIK administration, and the passing and implementation of national legislation related to water and sanitation services is ongoing. The Water Law was approved by the Parliament only in 2004, stipulating the competent authorities for Water Management. However, this law focuses mainly on the protection of water resources and pays little attention to access to water and sanitation as a human right. There is no institution nor organisation responsible for regular monitoring and implementation of the right to water. The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) is responsible for determining and implementing policies for water development in Kosovo, managing water resources and drafting water strategy plans. According to the new Framework for Reform of Local Self-Government and Decentralisation, in the water sector, municipalities are responsible for the establishment and operation of public infrastructures and management of water sources at the local level. The decentralisation process in general is ongoing, and decentralisation in the water and sanitation sector is expected to start soon. A National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) is also underway.

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Source of information WWC (Source: “Case Study on Right to Water and Sanitation in Kosovo” Bardha Korca, University of Prishtina)
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News date 15/03/2007
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