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Event "Water & Climate in Europe" Conference

Research of climatic change has taken huge dimensions both in the world and in Slovakia.  However, many scientists state in their works that, paralelly to the research of so called greenhouse gases, it is necessary to pay much more attention to the research of relation between hydrosphere and climate also.

Relation between water cycle and the climate is becoming one of the key issues of life in Europe and the whole world in the 21st century. Growing weather extremes, floods, droughts and heats threat to change radically the quality of life in our cities and villages. Therefore, we decided to organize a conference on these issues.

The Conference „WATER AND CLIMATE IN EUROPE“ organized by the MUNICIPALIA Co. with partners, will be held on  September 17,  2007 (Monday)  at the Palfy´s Palace, Bratislava. Slovak and foreign representatives of social, public and scientific life will participate. Contributions will be delivered by representatives of the EU, Slovak Government, local administration and NGOs.

Following the Conference, publication  „WATER FOR RECOVERY OF CLIMATE – NEW WATER PARADIGM“ elaborated by a team of authors Michal Kravcik, Jan Pokorny, Juraj Kohutiar, Martin Kovac a Eugen Toth, shall be introduced.

Contact information Dipl. Ing. Jan Kirnag, Director of MUNICIPALIA Co., MUNICIPALIA, a.s. Hodzova 11 - 010 11 Zilina (email:
Phone: Fax: 041-5111 341
Event type Conference
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Geographical coverage Slovak Republic
Address at the Palfy´s Palace, Zamocka St., Bratislava, Slovakia.
Organizer MUNICIPALIA Co. with partners
Target audience Euro
Period 17/09/2007
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH