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Event International Forum on Drought: Counteract Drought, Take actions.

The International Forum on Drought (June 17-20, Sevilla, Spain) is a meeting place for specialists in different fields focused on analysing the phenomenon of drought.

During the four days of the Forum, experts from around the world will share and deliberate on appropriate measures to prevent, combat and ameliorate the effects of drought. Additionally, the event will be used to promote public sensitivity to the issue and to get society involved in adopting water conservation behaviour.

The intention is, through round table debates, talks, plenary and thematic sessions and working groups, to create an open channel of communication that will establish the International Forum on Drought as a common specialised space for the exchange of opinions and planning strategies on a regular basis.

An advance of activities featured at Expo Zaragoza 2008 will be presented during the International Forum on Drought, so the choice of Sevilla as the venue is not by chance. The event links the last two Spanish cities to host a large exposition: Sevilla’s universal exposition and Zaragoza’s international exposition, centred on the theme of water."

The Med working group on “water scarcity and droughts” of Joint Process will organise a meeting just one day after the end of thie Forum.

Contact information Department of communicationMar Barbero Barbero (Jefa de Comunicación), Germán Muñoz Jiménez y Sergio Muñoz Romero, c/ Velázquez 36, 28001- Madrid (email: ; ;
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Event type Conference
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Source International Forum on Drought
Geographical coverage Spain
Address Barceló Gran Hotel Renacimiento; Isla de la Cartuja. 41092 - Sevilla
Organizer EXPO Zaragoza 2008, Junta de Andalucia-Conselleria de Medio Ambiente
Target audience International
Duration 4 days
Period [17/06/2007 - 20/06/2007]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH , SPANISH