Mediterranean Water Information Mechanism
Portal under development for the feasibility study

Naaya HelpDesk Helpdesk

The HelpDesk Agent allows administrators of this portal to successfully track and respond to ticket HelpDesk issues. Documentation of relevant cases is kept into archives and it is easily accessible by performing searches using various filters: List Issues.


  • insert your problem (issue) using the Post issue form.
  • you will receive a confirmation e-mail when adding an issue and one for every modification brought to it (assignation of a person to handle the issue, comments added, etc.). Comments can be added by the person assigned to handle your request or by a regular end user of the portal

  • a ticket number will be automatically generated at addition time and you will be provided with the URL of the issue for later consultation

  • consult the evolution of the issues submitted by accessing the Issue tracker URL and listing issues

  • you are also able to consult and filter public issues and to add comments to them