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Folder Participation at the International Meeting: "Improving water accounting at the basin scale", Cartagena (Spain), 23-24 February 2015

Policies for the sustainable management of water resources are a priority in the European and national agendas. Current goals at European level are oriented to improving knowledge about the reference situation in terms of water availability and demand. Therefore, it is especially relevant to obtain, evaluate and standardize detailed information at river basin, to analyze and demonstrate the potential of economic, technological and management measures to mitigate situations of water scarcity and drought. One of the main tools for this purpose is the System of Environmental and Economic Accounting for Water (SEEAW) developed by experts of the United Nations. The European Commission is currently evaluating the use of this framework at the river basin scale by means of various pilot projects in Europe. The goal is to improve the information on the physical water balances, water uses and supplies and economic accounts by using local data and study their usefulness river basin planning.

The International Scientific Meeting on Water Accounting at the basin scale should become a forum for discussion on the use of these methodologies and their usefulness to support the national and European policy agendas, and should enhance international collaboration in research on integrated water resources management.


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