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Project Network on gOvernance, Science and Technology for sustainable water ResoUrce management in the Mediterranean. The role of Dss tools

Nostrum-Dss is a Co-ordination Action funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Program and specifically contributing to the implementation of Specific Measures in support of International Co-operation - Mediterranean Partner Countries (INCO-MPC).
Total Budget  1.010.000 , ITI Budget  15.600 euro

Project number INCO-CT-2004-509158
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Geographical coverage Algeria,Croatia,Cyprus,Egypt,France,Greece,Italy,Lebanon,Portugal,Romania,Spain,Tunisia,Turkey,Israel,Syria,Palestine,
Budget (in €) 1010000
Programme INCO-MPC
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This Co-ordination Action aims to contribute to the achievement of improved governance and planning in the field of sustainable water management, by establishing a network between the science, policy, and civil society spheres, by fostering active involvement of the relevant stakeholders, and through the development and dissemination of Best Practices Guidelines for the design and implementation of Dss tools for IWRM in the Mediterranean Area.
The key objectives of this Co-ordination Action are:
1- To establish durable links between scientific institutions, governments, NGOs, SMEs and other stakeholders and improve public awareness on water management;
2- To improve scientific knowledge and applied methodologies in IWRM;
3- To promote the development of suitable Dss tools built upon real needs of policy making in IWRM.


The ultimate output of the Co-ordination Action will be a set of Best Practices Guidelines for the development and application of Dss tools for IWRM in the countries of Mediterranean basin. The guidelines will be developed with the active participation of scientists, policy makers, and key stakeholders (such as small and medium enterprises, as well as user groups), through a structured sequence of actions aimed at favouring efficient exchanges of information, knowledge and experiences between the various components of the project.
The main expected results of the Co-ordination Action are:
Improved communication between science and policy;
Improved co-operation among Mediterranean institutions;
Identification of multi-sectoral approaches to the design, development and implementation of DSS tools in IWRM;
Identification of multi-disciplinary approaches to the design, development and implementation of DSS tools in IWRM;
Assessment of data availability and constraints in relation to DSS users' needs;
Establishment of durable links and long-term collaborations between the partners and representatives of the policy and academic institutions in the Mediterranean Area.

Period [01/08/2004 - 31/07/2006]