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Project Freshwater integrated resource management with agents

The project is structured around three main themes:

� Methodological development of agent models that scale from individual, cognitive decision makers to institutions representing more aggregate behaviour. Generic methodological knowledge will be encapsulated in a set of 'core' models that will be applied throughout the project.
� The agent-based models will be demonstrated in five regions of Europe, linking the modelling and application teams in addressing real water problems.
The case studies are: Thames water region, England Limburg, The Netherlands Barcelona, Spain Herault, France Zurich, Swizerland
� Transfer of knowledge, experience and techniques, between experts on agent-based modelling and experts on water resource management and involving an interaction between the project and the wider community of policy makers.

Project number EVK1-CT-1999-00016
Acronym FIRMA
Geographical coverage United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands
Budget (in €) 0
Programme FP5 EESD
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Objectives The aim of the FIRMA project is to improve water resource planning through the use of multi-agent models that integrate hydrological, social and economic aspects of water resource management through the representation of stakeholder decision making.

Specific objectives are:
� To further cooperation between water resource decision makers, experts in water resource management and experts in agent-based social simulation.
� To analyse hydro social issues of waste water treatment, water scarcity and integrated catchments planning in selected regions.
� To develop agent-based models for application to issues of water treatment, scarcity and planning. � To carry out participatory integrated assessments in five regions.
� To develop a methodology for the modelling of water resource issues in Europe applicable to policy formulation.

Results Stakeholder participation is an essential feature of the project, starting with the formulation of questions and the design of the models. Common features and results from the regional models will be compared in order to derive conclusions to assist with the development of water resource management policy at the EU level. The project will yield insights into the social processes of water management, leading to the consideration of a wider range of aspects of the environment in decision-making. It will also result in improved water management techniques including better management of water catchments.
Period [01/03/2000 - 28/02/2003]