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Project Developing Sustainable Water Management in the Jordan Valley

- The main objective of this project is to develop the scientific basis for an integral management plan of water resources and their use in the Jordan Valley.
- The project has started in November 1997 and will be completed by early 2001.
- The project will address the difficult situation of water scarcity and increased demand in the Jordan Valley study region by synthesizing the available data through advanced geographic information systems (GIS) and models.

Project number ERB-IC18-CT-1997-0161
Acronym Jordan Valley Water
Geographical coverage Austria, Israel, Palestine
Budget (in €) 0
Programme INCO MED (FP4)
Web site
Objectives - Key principles of this project’s approach are:
•    comprehensive scientific view of the water resources and use in the Jordan Valley as a whole;
•    systematic collection and integration of existing data for data synthesis, modeling and assessment;
•    projection of likely socio-economic development to identify sustainable management directions      and    associated water use;
•    free flow of project relevant information between the project partners;
•    presentation of scientific results in practically applicable formats.

- The basis of the work is the collection and harmonization of basic data on the water supply and demand system in the region.

- The current irrigation, water collection, and delivery practices in all three bordering countries are analyzed.

- A set of models is applied in order to be able to assess and project the consequences of current management practices, and to evaluate options for improved availability of water resources.

- These results are evaluated in view of the expected socio-economic development in the region.

- Through high-level synthesis of results the project will be able to provide options for policy makers for the optimization of management regimes.
Results - The outputs of this joint project will provide a scientifically sound basis for better understanding the situation in the Jordan Valley and thus will directly benefit the future development, stability, and sustainability of the region.

- Final results will include:

•    Provision of new knowledge about actual and projected water resources and flows in the regions including supply and demand
•    Establishment of a harmonized GIS-based water database compatible with European and global standards;
•    Identification of the impact of surface water diversions, irrigation practices, and water delivery   methods on the hydrological budget of the study area;

- Recommendations for optimizing the water usage in the region that will ensure sustainability and environmental protection.
Period [01/11/1997 - 30/04/2001]


  • Faculte des sciences agronomiques de Gembloux
    Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux Hydraulique Agricole
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Belgium
    Web site
    Contact Xanthoulis Dimitri,
    Position: Scientific Leaders
    Phone/fax: + 32 81622186, + 32 81622195
  • Institut National de Recherches en Génie Rural, Eaux et Forêts
    Laboratoire de Physique
    Country Tunisia
    Contact Mr. Zouhaier Chaabouni ,
    Phone/fax: + 216 1 719630, + 216 1 717951
  • Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II
    Horticultural Research Centre of Agedir
    Country Morocco
    Contact Mr. Redouane Choukr-allah,
    Phone/fax: + 212 – 1 203694, + 212 – 1 242243
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Faculty of Agriculture - Dptm Fields crops, Vegetables and Genetics
    Country Israel
    Contact Mr. Uzi Kafkafi ,
    Phone/fax: + 972 – 8 9489105, + 972 – 8 9469657
  • Al-Quds University
    Center for chemical and biological analysis
    Country Palestine
    Contact Mr. Mustafa Khamis,
    Phone/fax: 9722 279 6961, 9722 279 ? 6960
  • Agricultural Research Institute
    Soil And Water Use Section
    Country Cyprus
    Contact Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos ,
    Phone/fax: 357-2-305101, 357-2-316770