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Project WaterWare: a Water Resources Management Information System

WaterWare is an integrated, model-based information and decision support system for water resources management. WaterWare integrates results of the EUREKA project EU487 and related RTD projects; The System is designed to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) or similar national legislation, and has been developed through a series of applications to:

  •         River Thames    in England
  •         Lerma-Chapala basin     in Mexico
  •         West Bank and Gaza     in Palestine
  •         Kelantan River     in Malaysia
  •         Yangtze River     in China.

Project number n/a
Acronym WaterWare
Geographical coverage Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco
Budget (in €) 0
Programme INCO MED (FP6)
Web site
Objectives WaterWare is implemented in an open, object-oriented client-server architecture, fully web-enabled and Internet based, supporting the seamless integration of databases, GIS, simulation and oiptimization models, and analytical tools into a common, easy-to-use framework. This includes a multimedia user interface with Internet access (using a standard web browser as the only client software required), a hybrid GIS with hierarchical map layers, object data bases, time series analysis, reporting functions, an embedded expert system for estimation, classification and impact assessment tasks, and a hypermedia help- and explain system.

Real-time data management, simulation and optimization modeling, with data assimilation, forecasting, and reporting, and support for operational management can be provided with a real-time rule-based expert system. Auxiliary tools manage user requirements and stakeholder preference structures.
Period 01/01/2003