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Project Support Program with the Sector of the Water Resources

The support program to the sector of the water resources aims to contribute to the durable satisfaction of the demand for water of the consumers, to restore the image of quality of the services of the sector of water, to improve the adequacy of the actors to their missions within the framework of the integrated management of the water resources and to support the economy of water and the safeguard of the resource and the medium. - Initiated at the request of the Algerian government, it is registered in the indicative national program for 2006 and lasts 4 year.

Project number MED/2005/017-326
Geographical coverage Algeria
Budget (in €) 20000000
Programme MEDA-NIPs
Objectives - The program has 3 components according to the three awaited results:

 * Component 1: National Water's plan

1. Assistance with the actualization of the National Water's Plan.

* Component 2: Framework institutional, lawful, legal, financial, human, of communication and information

1. To reinforce the regulation and the police force of water.

2. To reinforce the institutional and legal capacities Ministry in charge of the water resources (MRE).

3. To reinforce the institutional and legal capacities establishments under supervision of the MRE.

4. To set up the process of human resource management for satisfy the present needs and future sector.

5. To develop the communication in order to promote the policy of water and to obtain the adhesion of the actors of the sector and the users.

6. To support the development of the interfaces connecting all the actors of the sector.

* Component 3: Dynamic tools and concrete cases of operation and management of maintenance  and the processes

1. To model the dynamic management of the major aquiferous systems.

2. To model the dynamic management of the standard storage dams.

3. To set up of an alarm system at localised the flood risk.

4. To equip the analysis laboratories with the micropolluants and to train the laboratory assistants.

5. To reinforce the GIS and to establish localised chart of the cleansing and distribution networks of drinking waters.

6. To promote the re-use of the water treated for the stations of pilot purification of the National office of cleansing (ONA) with ends of irrigation.

7. To establish the books of maintenance (i) of the material of production and distribution of drinking water, (ii) of the stock of the stoppings and the transfers and (iii) of the books of management of the processes and the material of the stations of purification.

- The expected results of the setting up of the program are as follows:

1. The National  Water's plan is brought up to date by holding account of the reforms of the Algerian administration;

2. The framework institutional, lawful, legal, financial, human, of communication and information is consolidated;

3. Dynamic tools (i) of qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the medium and (ii) of decision-making aid elaborate and are tested on concrete cases.

Period [01/06/2006 - 31/12/2012]


  • Ministère des Ressources en Eau
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Algeria
    Contact Mr AICHAOUI Tahar,
    Position: directeur des études et des aménagements hydrauliques
    Phone/fax: +213 21 68 04 37,
  • unité d’appui au programme (UAP)
    "no selected for the moment"
    Contact ,
    Phone/fax: ,

Funding sources

  • National counterpart (indicative)
    * 6,5 national counterpart million (indicative) for a total budjet   20 millions euros
    Source National financing
    Programme MEDA-NIPs
    Funding rate 33