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Project Advisory Services to the Ministry of Housing and Construction

A large proportion of the Syrian population has access to public drinking water supplies. However, some water installations are run-down and need to be renovated. In many parts of the country, wastewater is not properly treated. Only five water purification plants are presently in operation in Syria; it is absolutely essential that further plants be constructed. Syria’s scarce water resources are overexploited, which has led to considerable sinking of groundwater levels. Inadequate water purification is threatening existing drinking water resources. The Syrian Government faces the challenge of sustainably securing sufficient amounts of safe drinking water.

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Geographical coverage Syria
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Programme GTZ- Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)
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Objectives Structures are strengthened at the Ministry of Housing and Construction, which is responsible for drinking water supply and wastewater disposal. The employees there are empowered to prepare appropriate investment projects for the supply of drinking water and wastewater disposal.
Results Approach:
Considerable investment is needed to ensure adequate drinking water supplies and wastewater disposal in Syria. GTZ advises the ministry responsible on the drafting of proposals for the necessary investment measures. The Syrian Government is supported with the drafting of project proposals that use international assistance to cover the enormous amounts of investment required. Ministry employees and the employees of subordinate institutions are trained in and supported with the preparation of projects. The project advises the ministry on creation of a purposeful strategy, one that establishes priority areas for further development in this sector and sets priorities for investment. The investment projects of international donors are then incorporated into the national strategy. Measures are being taken to train future staff and upgrade present personnel for employment at sewage purification plants; these run parallel to preparation of the investment projects.
Period [01/08/2003 - 31/12/2005]