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Project Antalya Water Supply & Sanitation Project


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Geographical coverage Turkey
Budget (in €) 244000000
Programme International Program
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-- The objectives of the Antalya Water Supply and Sanitation Project are to:

a) meet at least cost the demand for water supply, sewerage and stormwater drainage;

b) develop new institutional arrangements for management of municipal water supply, sewerage and stormwater drainage, and to introduce private sector participation in the operation of the services;

c) implement appropriate cost recovery policies;

d) postpone the need to develop costly new water resources by improving the efficiency of utilization of existing sources and of water usage by reducing the volume of non-revenue water which is presently too high;

e) improve and sustain environmental conditions and reduce health hazards that threaten the local population and the tourism industry.

- The project represents the first phase, to be implemented from 1995 throug 2002, of a program designed to continue to the year 2020.

- The project will:

a) renovate, rehabilitate and extend the existing water supply network;

b) provide a new sewerage network and a preliminary wastewater treatment plant on the western part of the municipality;

c) improve operation of septic tanks in the eastern part of the city;

d) upgrade the stormwater drainage system in flood areas and elaborate a comprehensive master plan; and

e) provide technical assistance for project implementation and institutional development






* New institutional arrangements for management of municipal water supply development;
* Rehabilitation/extension of the existing water supply network;
* New sewerage network;
* Wastewater treatment plant;
* Upgrading the stormwater drainage system;
* Stormwater Master Plan;
* Twinning agreements with private operators;
* Technical assistance (e.g. hydrogeological survey of groundwater facilities)

Period [25/05/1995 - 30/06/2003]

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