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Project Integrated Water Management in Coastal Drainage Basins: challenges and adaptation strategies within the framework of climate change

Development of integrated models of water management for a Decision Support System taking into account stakeholders' needs and perspectives.


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Geographical coverage Morocco, Italy, France, Portugal,
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Our research project is focused on groundwater and surface water modelling and on integrated management of water resources with methodologies that consider: the effects of landuse change and crops on the parameters of the water budget; saltwater intrusion in surface water bodies and aquifers; change of coastal ecosystems; freshwater availability in the catchments during the year; integrated management with stakeholders involvement and the development of Decision Support Systems (DSS) based on GIS databases and making use of Data mining techniques.

In summary, the methodology proposed for the project is the following:
1. Collect and analysis of data on uses and users of water resources in the basins chosen as test sites.
2. Development of SWOT analysis for the integrated management of water resources in the study area.
3. Development of a GIS database (follow ing the INSPIRE guidelines) at the scale of the case study catchment basin. The GIS will be set up in order to link to a DSS system (based on the DPSIR framework) for water resources management in the tourism industry and in agriculture.
4. Development of spatial interaction models with land use and coastal use suitable to represent the relations between the economy, the technology, the environment and the law/regulations.
5. Development of models for freshwater budget within the catchment based on the following factors:
a) Choice of crops that most efficiently adapt to the yearly distr ibution of water available for agriculture within the catchment today and in a scenario of climate change.
b) Choice of crops that take the best advantage of soil characteristics and water scarcity constraints in the catchment.
c) Management of water discharge in the basins during the year in a way to maximize aquifers recharge and control saltwater intrusion.
 6. Development of numerical models for saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers within a scenario of sea level rise, progressive desertification, and climate change (w ithin the same case study).
7. Development of integrated models for water management to be included within the decision support system (DSS) taking into account the stakeholders point of view. 

The results of this project can be applied by local administrator in Mediterranean countries to adapt water management strategies in coastal zones to increasing drought and desertification climate conditions.

The project will use three test sites to develop a decision support systems (DSS) for the integrated management of coastal areas. 
The following elements will be included:

  • Groundwater and surface water modeling
  • Integrated management of water resources with methodologies that consider the effects of land use change and crops on the parameters of the water budget
  • Salt water intrusion in surface water bodies and aquifers
  • Change of coastal ecosystems
  • Variability of freshwater availability in the catchments during the year
  • Integrated management with stakeholders
  • GIS and datamining techniques

See also the Waterknow pages on the CIRCLE website .


IGRG, University of Bologna (Marco Antonellini)

Université des sciences et Tecnologies de Lille - Prof. Eric Masson

Universidade dos Açores - Prof. Tomaz Dentinho

Ecole Nationale Forestières d'Ingenieures, Morocco -Prof. Abdellatif Khattabi 

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The Moroccan study site is the watershed of the Tahadart river characterised by a basin with a dam and pasture land.

More pictures of the Tahadart basin.



The Italian study site is a small agricultural basin along the Adriatic coast enclosed between the river 'Fiumi uniti' in the north and the Bevano River in the south.

Fields in the Quinto Bacino.

More pictures of the Quinto Bacino


Terceira, one of the islands in the Azores is literally the 'Third' study area (Terceira means third in portugese). It is a very dynamic island with active vulcanous and faults and interesting hydrogeology that includes up to 4000 mm of rain per year,  springs, hanging aquifers and lots of fractures.  Pictures will follow soon.


More pictures of Terceira.


Photographs of the fieldtrip made during the workshop September 2009.




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Articles in review

Marconi V and others: Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Small Coastal Wetlands and
Forests in the Southern Po Plain (Northern Italy). 

Mollema P and others: Climate and water budget change of a Mediterranean coastal watershed,
Ravenna , Italy.

Extended Abstracts

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