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Project Al Meyyah

The all-embracing objective of the Al-Meyyah project is the transformation of the current structure of the water services in the Kingdom into a service industry that, in the long-run, provides these vital services in a cost-efficient yet socially responsive manner. At the same time ultimate focus has to be extended towards resource conservation and exploration and development of additional resources.

Project Strategy
In order to achieve the project objective a dual approach to the project execution has been chosen that concentrates on two major targets:

1. Establishing operational principles that follow commercial practices and
2. Developing the relevant institutions into becoming effective participants in the new auditing environment.


The contract value is EUR 2.2 million and is financed completely by the German KfW Development Bank (Grant) which further provides funds of EUR 25 million for a water loss reduction program in the project area. These improvement projects are supervised and monitored by the Programme Management Unit (PMU) and will also contribute to the performance indicator and benchmarking system which is currently in its establishment phase by PMU.

Project number n/a
Acronym Al Meyyah
Geographical coverage Jordan
Budget (in €) 2200000
Programme The Programme Management Unit (PMU) - Ministry of Water and Irrigation (Jordan)
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The objective of the project is to provide specialised managerial, engineering, technical and administrative support for the establishment of a decentralised and commercially operated Water Administration for the Governorate of Karak (WAK) and to implement a technically feasible and economically viable concept for the optimisation of the running processes. The legal establishment of the decentralised and semi-autonomous WAK was be done by WAJ through the delegation of powers from WAJ HQ to WAK as was done previously in NGWA.

The Al-Meyyah Project aims at the enhancement and acceleration of this development through a systematic, sector-oriented approach in support of Jordan's adopted Water Strategies and Policies and within the framework of MoI's Action Plan (Extension) 2002 - 2010. The general strategies adopted to achieve such aims are:

  • Establishment of operating principles that follow commercial practices;
  • Preparation of the relevant institutions within the PMU so that they are able to provide a capable auditing and monitoring function.

Period 04/04/2006