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Document Coping with Water Scarcity: A strategic issue and priority for system-wide action

Water scarcity is a relative concept and can occur at any level of supply or demand. Scarcity may be a social construct (a product of affluence, expectations and customary behaviour) or the consequence of altered supply patterns stemming from climate change. Scarcity has various causes, most of which are capable of being remedied or alleviated. A society facing water scarcity usually has options. However, scarcity often has its roots in water shortage, and it is in the arid and semiarid regions affected by droughts and wide climate variability, combined with population growth and economic development, that the problems of water scarcity are most acute.

Creator Jean-Marc Faurès and Pasquale Steduto (email: ;
Publisher The UN Water Scarcity Initiative, FAO
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