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HTML Document Saudi Arabia Power & Water Desalination Industry Overview

This report has been compiled in order to provide an in depth overview of the water desalination and electricity sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This report aims at assessing the prospects for water desalination and electricity sectors by providing detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of the historical developments of each sector, supply and demand analysis, supply and demand factors, future projects and prospects and assist in the analysis and decision making process of the readers.  

Released 17/11/2008
Geographical coverage Saudi Arabia

The report also explains the major happenings in KSA's Electricity and Desalination industry and who are the major players involved. Expected Contractor Awards and Construction Spend for years 2008, 2009 and 2010 will explain the amount of work being planned in the country and justifies why it is necessary for a company to target KSA's burgeoning utilities sector The report features the top 25 power and water projects in the country.  

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Title Index:  

1. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a Glance  

2. The Electricity & Water Desalination Industry Overview  
2.1 Rapid Economic Expansion Fuels the sector  

3. The Electricity Industry  
3.1 Electricity Generation  
3.2 Electricity Transmission  
3.3 Electricity Distribution  
3.4 Long range plan for electricity Generation & Transmission  
3.5 Developments in Past Decade  
3.6 Cost of Unit of Electricity 7 Average Sale Price  
3.7 Fuel Types Used in Energy Production  

4. Privatization plans  
4.1 Independent Water and Power Projects (IWPP)  
4.2 Major Independent Power Projects  
4.3 Major Cogeneration Facilities  

5. The Water Desalination Industry  
5.1 Early History  
5.2 SWCC's Role  
5.3 Desalinated Water Production  
5.4 Inadequate Water levels  
5.5 Development of Long Range Plan for Desalinated Water  

6. Major Clients in KSA Power and Water sector  

7. Major Consultants in KSA Power and Water sector  

8. Major Contractors in KSA Power and Water sector  

9. KSA Expected Power & Water Contractor Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010  

10. KSA Expected Power & Water Construction Spend in 2008, 2009 and 2010  

11. Top 25 Projects in KSA Power and Water sector  

12. Code of Ethics  

List of Table and Charts:  


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