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PDF Article in "Sustainable Water Management" Journal, 2-2006

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Upload date 09 Aug 2011
Contributor Jauad El-Kharraz
Geographical coverage Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Malta, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon
Keywords Zer0-M, MEDA-Water, EMWIS, Jauad El Kharraz, Eric Mino
Release date 25/11/2006
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This journal, “Sustainable Water Management”, is an initiative of the project “Sustainable Concepts towards a Zero Outflow Municipality (Zer0-M). The project is part of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional Programme for LocalWater Management of the European Union (MEDA-Water) and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. See EMWIS article.