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News Sustainable Water Integrated Management programme (SWIM) Phase II Demonstration projects

The call for projets was published on 23 December 2015 with an overall budget of 12 M€, focusing on 5 priorities:

I. Enhancing effectiveness of local water resources governance;

II. Adapting and enhancing resilience to the water-related impacts of climate change;

III. Promoting water demand management, water efficiency and non-conventional water resources (in particular recycled and reclaimed water), and protecting water quality and the good ecological status of water bodies;

IV. Optimising water financing and related instruments, with emphasis on innovative mechanisms at local level;

V. Improving the management of municipal waste, urban wastewater, and/or industrial emissions in order to minimize or prevent the release of pollutants in water bodies.

Deadline for concept notes: 1st March 2016.

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News date 07/01/2016