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News Call for tender: Technical Factsheet on Nature-based Solutions for Coastal Zones in the Mediterranean

Technical Factsheet on Nature-based Solutions for Coastal Zones in the Mediterranean

Context and objectives

From 2016 to 2019, the Interreg MED PANACeA project was implemented in the Mediterranean to streamline management efforts in Protected Areas for enhanced biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean. The second phase of this project, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC), is a horizontal project focusing on “maintaining biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas”, running from 2019 to 2022. The MPBC is building on PANACeA’s achievements to increase the impact of its modular projects concerning:

  1. Synthesizing and transferring outcomes on ecosystem protection efforts;
  2. Engaging a stakeholder community & transferring knowledge beyond the community and the project´s lifetime;
  3. Enhancing the communication & dissemination strategy;
  4. Developing the long-term capitalization tool ensuring evidence-based policy enforcement.

PANACeA’s Modular Projects can be consulted here, and the MBPC’s Modular Projects can be consulted here. The MBPC recently welcomed two more projects: AMARE+ and FISHMPABLUE2+. The MBPC is coordinated by the European Topic Centre of the University of Malaga (ETC-UMA), and 

Plan Bleu leads the MBPC’s Capitalisation Work Package by:

  • Developing a strategy and action plan for capitalisation activities;
  • Systematizing knowledge capitalisation & mainstreaming events;
  • Liaising tools and recommendations for transformative changes;
  • Mainstreaming the efforts of the Adriatic-Ionian region in improving the status of biodiversity.

These terms of reference concern the production of a technical factsheet on Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) in Mediterranean Coastal Zones (provisional title). This factsheet is part of the MBPC’s foreseen liaising tools and recommendations, and is a MBPC capitalisation deliverable. It will help decision-makers and local communities to foster the adoption and use of NbS in Mediterranean coastal zones. It will notably capitalise on the results of the MBPC community and associated modular projects (especially POSBEMED-2, MPA ENGAGE, TUNE UP, MPA NETWORKS and Plastic Busters MPAs) but more synergies with other organisations are envisaged. 

The factsheet will build on the results of a survey carried out with the members of the MBPC Working Group 3 on “Integrated ecosystem monitoring and management”, as well as potential contributions and inputs from the IUCN World Conservation Congress held in Marseille in September 2021.


Task description

Plan Bleu is leading Working Group 3 which includes two topics: land-sea interactions and wetlands ecosystems. 

This consultancy consists in developing a technical factsheet (maximum extension of 6-8 pages) on Nature-based solutions for coastal zones in the Mediterranean, taking both of these topics and the work already carried out into account.

The factsheet will consider NbS’ potential to help address challenges in the Mediterranean and summarize the societal and economic benefits that they provide. It will describe some examples (at least 3) of NbS that are replicable to other Mediterranean coastal zones, with a focus on their transfer to other local communities in the region.

The results and tools developed by the MBPC modular projects (in particular POSBEMED-2 and MPA Engage) will be capitalised. A survey with potential contributions has already been carried out, and will contribute to forming the bibliography of this fact sheet. 

As a reference of the format and quality standards expected, an example of a previous MBPC factsheet is available here.



To apply, candidates must provide Plan Bleu with a curriculum vitae and an expression of interest describing her/his proven qualifications regarding this call, accompanied by a financial offer. The expression of interest should include a technical proposal that illustrates the candidate’s understanding and appropriation of the subject matter. 

The two following criteria will inform the selection of the consultant: 

  1. the work previously carried out on the topic, in particular in the Mediterranean region (must be specified in the letter of expression of interest);
  2. A tentative factsheet structure (main items, titles and illustrations like tables, graphs…);

The factsheet and working language will be English. An excellent command of oral and written English is therefore required to complete this mission.

In the expression of interest, the consultant must indicate a SIRET number, or any other form of identification suitable for a consultancy activity according to the tax legislation of her/his country of residence.

Offers must be sent by Friday 22th October 2021 at the latest on Plan Bleu’s website and by email

to Ms. Gloria Lázaro, Programme Officer at Plan Bleu (

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