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News Water Resources Management, Vol. 26, Issue 1

In this issue:
Effects of Raingauge Distribution on Estimation Accuracy of Areal Rainfall
Chun-dan Cheng, Shin-jen Cheng, Jet-chau Wen & Ju-huang Lee
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Groundwater Flow Modeling of the Arlington Basin to Evaluate Management Strategies for Expansion of the Arlington Desalter Water Production
Fakhri Manghi, Dennis Williams, Jack Safely & Moshrik R. Hamdi
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Issues and Implications of Carbon-Abatement Discounting and Pricing for Drinking Water System Design in Canada
Stephanie P. MacLeod & Yves R. Filion
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Proposal for a Performance Dashboard for the Monitoring of Water and Sewage Service Companies (WaSCs)
Fiorenzo Franceschini & Elisa Turina
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Economic Value of Water in the Korean Manufacturing Industry
Se-Ju Ku & Seung-Hoon Yoo
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Application of Water Poverty Index (WPI) in Nepalese Context: A Case Study of Kali Gandaki River Basin (KGRB)
Sujata Manandhar, Vishnu Prasad Pandey & Futaba Kazama
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Multi-Objective Sensitivity Analysis of a Fully Distributed Hydrologic Model WetSpa
Jing Yang, Yongbo Liu, Wanhong Yang & Yaning Chen
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Determining the Main Factors in Declining the Urmia Lake Level by Using System Dynamics Modeling
Elmira Hassanzadeh, Mahdi Zarghami & Yousef Hassanzadeh
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The Lost Value of Groundwater: The Case of Asopos River Basin in Central Greece
Georgios Tentes & Dimitrios Damigos
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Modelling Sediment Input to Surface Waters for German States with MEPhos: Methodology, Sensitivity and Uncertainty
Björn Tetzlaff & Frank Wendland
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Heuristic Modelling of the Water Resources Management in the Guadalquivir River Basin, Southern Spain
Inmaculada Pulido-Calvo, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez-Estrada & Dragan Savic
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Trend Analysis in Reference Evapotranspiration Using Mann-Kendall and Spearman’s Rho Tests in Arid Regions of Iran
Mojtaba Shadmani, Safar Marofi & Majid Roknian
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A Prioritization Model for Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Networks Using GIS
M. Tabesh & H. Saber
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An Analytical Solution of Boussinesq Equation to Predict Water Table Fluctuations Due to Time Varying Recharge and Withdrawal from Multiple Basins, Wells and Leakage Sites
S. N. Rai & A. Manglik
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Environmental Drivers of Streamflow Change in the Upper Rio Grande
Ken Mix, Vicente L. Lopes & Walter Rast
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