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News Project: "eLeanor - e-Learning and inNOvation in vocational training for wateR industries"

The project "eLeanor - e-Learning and inNOvation in vocational training for wateR industries" is a Leonardo da Vinci "Transfer of Innovation" project coordinated by the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis in which GISIG participate with the role of Secretariat and responsible for dissemination.

The project targets professionals of EU water industry and services in private and public sectors, aiming at improving their training with particular reference to the EU-related Water Directives. The enclosed newsletter will give you an overview on the project and its partnership.

eLEANOR is an initiative co-funded by the LLP – Leonardo da Vinci Programme, dealing with vocational training forprofessionals of EU water industry and services in privateand public sectors.The project aims at improving the training in the water sector through the optimisation and standardisation of the learning processes and pathways, also with the help ofe-learning facilities and transfer of Good Practice.eLEANOR is also performed in compliance with the European Credit System For Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) contributing also to its testing. Learning pathways, addressed to the technicians, engineers and managers of the water sector, are deployed answering the needs of the professionals and through the experiences of the partners, consisting in the main EU water companies, academies and vocational training cen-tres, representing the most important eLEANOR target users.

The subject of the training is strictly connected to the new EU context where the water industry has to comply with Directives providing a common framework for the stewardship of the envi-ronment as well as social considerations. The Directives aim to improve the quality of the environment, protect human health, rationally use natural resources and promote measures at inter-national level to deal with environmental problems.

The imple-mentation of the new legal framework, above all the WaterFramework Directive (2000/60/EC), is a challenge for the wa-ter industry. Nevertheless, the identified shortcomings related to training and skill of personnel can hamper such an imple-mentation. eLEANOR focuses on:

(1) waste water treatment,

(2) water supply,

(3) storm water management, reflecting the main demands of skills by EU Directives above.An on-line Course Catalogue will be implemented to collect and rationalise the offer of training material in the water sector by project partners and other course providers linked to them.

The project will allow to define templates for training material, modules and sessions.

The general approach will be based on the presentation of the legal texts completed with examples and practical exercises in order to understand concepts and the way to implement them within the daily activities. Each part of the different directives will be linked to practical exam-ples and exercises covering the key aspects of the water Di-rectives and allow partners to identify good practices and share them.This communication principle among the partners will be used in order to define some templates for training material and architecture of training modules. Whenever possible, training material will be exploited in e-learning. To this purpose, an eLEANOR e-learning platform will be made available to the course providers for uploading their courses. Examples will be experimented in the 3 identified professional categories of the water sector and evaluated as training material in demo work-shops and during the testing phase of the project with the e-learning environment.

eLEANOR training material will be then conceived and imple-mented with reference to the 3 following categories of profes-sionals:Technicians: in charge of operational activities, such as oper-ational management of WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants) and equipments, water and wastewater analysis.Engineers: assigned to the management of teams andequipments and/or to the design and implementation oftechnical tools and (integrated) systems.Managers: in charge of the coordination of activities and de-partments; the training for which is more focused on the legis-lative framework and related implications.eLEANOR European dimension is assured by the geographic extension of the partnership (some partners have also branch-es outside the participating Countries) and their participation into networks, groups and platforms in the specific sector.

Project outcomes are then proposed by the partners to poten-tial end users through their dissemination channels in order to be validated and exploited according to a valorisation plan.eLEANOR expected impact is at the European scale.

The coverage of the project allows an effective and mutual transfer of knowledge and to cross-relate different situations. The products are then able to work in different contexts andsupport as well the process of training standardization andcertified comparison in this field that is one challenge oftraining at the EU level.

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