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News An EC manual combining Natura 2000 and the Water Framework Directive

The European Commission has published a manual in order to simplify the application of its directives on nature and the Water Framework Directive. Detailed responses to the most frequently asked questions are provided. Specifically, the manual will explain, for example, which directive has priority in which case, what are the points in common and the differences between the directives, and how to make sure that projects comply.

The Birds and Habitats Directive is a core element of European policy to promote biodiversity, because it protects precious species and habitats.

The areas protected by this directive together make up the Natura 2000 network. The aim of the Water Framework Directive is to guarantee the quality of surface and groundwater in 2015.

Thus, the nature directives and the Water Framework Directive are designed to maintain the health of the ecosystem and maintain a balance between water preservation and nature preservation, as well monitoring the sustainable use of natural resources. A draft version is now complete. The public version will probably be finished this autumn.

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News date 01/10/2010
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