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News World Bank seeks a Program Manager (Environment) in Marseille

The mission of the Middle East and North Africa Sustainable Development Department (MNSSD) is to foster economic and social development, reduce poverty, and promote sound environmental management. Its work program is growing, responding to demand from its middle-income and IDA clients, whose needs from the Bank are increasingly strategic and cross-sectoral in nature. The Department is responsible for the following sectors: Environment, Social Development, Agriculture and Rural Development , Urban, Water, Energy and Transport. Its Management Team includes a Sector Director, four Sector Managers, an Executive Assistant, and an Office Manager.

The MNSSD Environment Sector Unit pursues a wide ranging scope of projects, studies and technical assistance covering Climate Change (adaptation and mitigation), Coastal Zone Management, Marine Resources, Air and Water Pollution and Protected Areas and Natural Resources Management. In addition, the environment staff hold responsibility for the preparation and supervision of a sizable portfolio of GEF funded projects and other trust-funded activities. MNSSD seeks a Senior Environmental Specialist to assume the role of Program Manager for the Sustainable Med Program, which will be managed out of the Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration, which is managed by the Bank. The job covers both Program Manager and Environment Specialist functions.

The duties include:

• Lead the Secretariat or management unit for the program ensuring its smooth and efficient operation.

• Take the lead in developing the design and carrying out the consultations for the governance and knowledge management components of the Program.

• Take the lead in the advocacy, communications and knowledge generation and dissemination for the Program.

• Lead and oversee the Sustainable Med annual work program, budget, progress reports, including financial progress and results indicators

• Coordinate with donors and recipient countries ensuring a proper flow of reports and information, periodic consultations, and networking with all the stakeholders.

• Coordinate closely with UN and other international organizations such as UNEP, EIB, AfDB, etc., engaged in environmental activities in the Mediterranean.

• Represent the program in interactions with donors and recipient countries, regional and global meetings, seminars and workshops and other for a.

• Take the lead in securing additional resources for the program from bilaterals, regional organizations and recipient countries.

• Take the lead on designing and implementing activities under the program, including through lending, RTA, GEF and other grants and covering both projects and Technical Assistance activities.

• Coordinate among the various investments to be undertaken by the program which will be managed by specific TTLs

• Ensure a multisectoral approach to the program by overseeing the coordination of activities between TTLs mapped to different sectors.

• Ensure a smooth coordination of activities between the MNA and ECA regions.

• Lead studies, TA, RTA and Projects on Environmental issues with a special focus on pollution and coastal zone management aspects

• Join study and project teams in non-environment sectors, namely in energy, water, transport, urban development, agriculture and rural development and social development to assist with the assessment of the environmental implications of sectoral policies and interventions.

• Contribute to the activities of the Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration.

• Join the MNA region Safeguards Team and conduct timely reviews of the environmental safeguards of projects as assigned by the region's Safeguards Advisor. All of the MNSSD environment and SD are also members of the MNA Safeguards Team and work for part of their time on safeguards related matters under the guidance of the Regional Safeguards Advisor. The Safeguards Team provides quality assurance reviews of environmental and social safeguards in support of the region's investment lending. The safeguards team carries an important role in advising management on risk and quality related issues.


Job # 100680
Job Title Program Manager (Environment)
Job Family Environment
Location Marseille, France
Appointment International Hire
Job Posted 25-Mar-2010
Closing Date 22-Apr-2010
Language Requirements English [Essential]; French [Essential]; Arabic [Desired]

Contact information n/a
News type Vacancies
File link n/a
Source of information World Bank
Geographical coverage France
News date 19/04/2010
Working language(s) ENGLISH