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News INSPIRE Data Specifications Guidleines published

The INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups, the Data Specification Drafting Team, and the JRC INSPIRE Team have finalised the third version of Data Specifications published as Guidelines for the spatial data themes referred to in Annex I of the INSPIRE Directive. They will supplement the Implementing Rule for interoperability of spatial data sets and services and allow for preparation for implementation. Together with the relevant materials (GML application schemas, UML models and registries), they will support the implementation and provide a better understanding of the requirements of the Implementing Rule.

The Draft Legislation for interoperability of spatial data sets and services is currently being prepared by the European Commission for submission to the INSPIRE Committee.

The guidelines and the related supporting materials are now publicly available on the INSPIRE site.

Call for Expression of Interest: INSPIRE Development

A call for expressions of interest has been launched to draw up a list of candidates (individual persons, public or private organisations, consortia or groupings of service providers) to assist the Commission in the context of the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC and related implementing rules and technical guidelines.

Service providers may be required to support the INSPIRE data specifications development process by editing the unified modelling language (UML) models and data specifications of the Annex I, II and III data themes, conduct data user requirements and use case studies, compile, and develop and document technical guidance and examples of use for Inspire data specifications. They may also be required to support the specification development and implementation of network services and the Inspire geo-portal by conducting studies on architecture, spatial data services, services invocation, services interoperability, services harmonisation, and registries, and by developing related support software (web-based or not). The contracting authority will invite all the candidates on the list or some of them, selected on the basis of objective and nondiscriminatory criteria, to submit a tender for specific contracts.

Detailed information is available on the call site:


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