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News Allam: Egypt's historic rights in Nile water preserved

Egyptian President Mubarak is following up the developments of argument on the Nile Basin states agreement. To this effect, a meeting by the water ministers in the Nile Basin states will be held in Alexandria next month to resume negotiations on the framework agreement which regulates water shares and cooperation among the eight countries after Egypt had rejected to sign the agreement in its current form which does not explicitly refer to its historic rights in Nile water.

The agreement, in its current form, clashes with Egypt's vision of the need for having consultations on any water projects which are being carried out in the Nile Basin states, so that Egyptian interests may not be affected. This came in a statement by Dr. Mohamed Nassr Eddin Allam, the Minister of Water and Irrigation who said President Mubarak is following up the progress of negotiations on this issue .

He said he  raised a comprehensive report to President Mubarak on the progress of negotiations which were recently held in the Congolese capital.

He said at a press conference that difference in viewpoints would not affect historic relations between Egypt and other Nile Basin states, adding Egypt will continue to offer technical, cultural, health and educational assistance to these countries.

He said Egypt is committed to its historic share of water (55.5 billion cubic meters) of water annually. He said Egypt is closely watching Israeli moves which aim at influencing stance of some Nile Basin states.

On the Egyptian vision of establishing dams on the River Nile, the Minister of Irrigation said Egypt agrees on any project that aims at developing the Nile Basin states but Egypt's share of water must be preserved.

Furthermore, he said as regards Israel's attempts to influence the decisions by Nile Basin states, he said Egypt is fully aware of these attempts adding the Egyptian leadership is closely watching any bid to influence its interests. He said Egypt is maintaining a high level of coordination with Sudan in this regard. He said in the coming stage, we are in need of building confidence with all parties.

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News date 28/05/2009
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