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News france-edf-reconnait-limpact-environnemental-de Item only translated in French
News appel-communications-pour-le-3eme-colloque Item only translated in French
News offre-de-post-doctorat-sur-le-theme-le-metier-de Item only translated in French
News allemagne-les-effets-du-changement-climatique-sur Item only translated in French
News tunisie-exemple-de-projet-de-cooperation Item only translated in French
News rapport-dactivites-2008-cnfme-cnide-aquacoope Item only translated in French
News la-rencontre-des-fondations-pour-la-mediterranee Item only translated in French
News ouverture-du-site-internet-eau-et-diversite Item only translated in French
News signature-de-la-convention-cadre-gestion-des-eaux Item only translated in French
News le-jourdain-un-fleuve-en-eaux-troubles Item only translated in French
News who-book-examines-calcium-and-magnesium-water Item only translated in French
News call-project-proposals-climate-change Item only translated in French
News vers-un-observatoire-des-services-publics-deau-et Item only translated in French
News faut-il-creer-un-observatoire-des-consommations Item only translated in French
News une-station-depuration-par-filtres-plantes-de Item only translated in French
News france-ouverture-du-site-internet-forages Item only translated in French
News france-consultation-nationale-sur-lactualisation Item only translated in French
News conclusions-et-recommendations-du-seminaire Item only translated in French
News les-actes-du-forum-eau-et-sante-presentation-de Item only translated in French
News nouveau-le-thesaurus-de-lenvironnement Item only translated in French
News communique-de-presse-fp2e-lavis-du-cese-sur-les Item only translated in French
News station-de-traitement-biologique-des-eaux-usees Item only translated in French
News 2009 World Water Week in Stockholm: 2nd Announcement & Call for Registration
News 5th water industry gathering: Success assured for SIEE Pollutec 2009
News A common vision for water innovation - WssTP May 2009
News Allam: Egypt's historic rights in Nile water preserved
News Announcement: Call for Applications 2009/2010 - PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change
News CIWEM-CMS: Future One Day Conferences – Your Views - Market Research –Autumn/Winter 2009-2010
News Clear Drinking Water-Business Cooperation
News Conclusions and recommendations from the International Meeting on Water and Cooperation in Africa
News Consultation on the next EU Water Facility
News Decision on third call for INTERREG IVC: Call for Capitalisation projects to launch end 2009, Regional Initiative projects after second call analysis
News Deep Tunnel Sewerage System wins Global Water Award
News Draft Bromide fact sheet available for comment
News Draft Chemical Background document on Potassium to the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality available for comments
News ECHO and ACF provide thousands of Palestinian families with clean water
News ENPI CBC-MED: First call for proposals for Standard Projects
News ESA extends its TIGER project
News Egypt: New lease of life for Egyptian farmers
News Egyptian power station seeks desalination plant
News Environmental Reporting and Information Exchanges in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries: Current situation and preliminary needs assessment in Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia and Israel
News Ethiopia - Egypt: A tug of war over the Nile basin
News FEMIP conference: water solutions must be global
News First Announcment to Current Issues in Water supplies and Sewage 2009
News FoEME released its own “Model Water Agreement”
News Guidelines for drinking-water quality, third edition, incorporating first and second addenda
News Institutional Support Officer - World Water Council Headquarters, Marseilles, France - Deadline: 07 June 2009
News Israel Electric looks for Hadera desalination maintenance
News Israel Providing Jordan with Additional Water to Avoid a Crisis in Bilateral Relations
News Jordan ties up with WEF on water initiative
News Jordan: National Water Strategy 2008-2022 Adopted
News Jordan: The EIB supports USD 100 million for a water pipeline from Disi to Amman
News LIFE+ Call for Proposals and Workshops
News Large EDR river desalination plant opens in Spain
News Palestine: FoEME calls for replacement of “failed” Joint Water Committee (JWC)
News PhD Scholarship at Roskilde University, Denmark
News Rapid infrastructure developments lead to US$68.2 billion investment in water projects
News Russians to cooperate on Jordan desalination
News SMAP launches e-learning course on indicators: from water quality to progress towards achieving the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development
News Saudia Arabia's King starts production at Jubail II desalination plant, the World's Largest Desalination Plant
News Service Procurement Notice announced for analysis on benefits of enhanced environment protection
News The United Nations World Water Development Report 3
News Two internships at the European Water Partnership
News Using small devices to desalinate water
News Vacancy in the secretariat of the UNECE Water Convention
News Wastewater database reveals fate of pharmaceutical and care products
News Water Footprint Standards to be Established
News Water-Saving Gadgets to Cut Bills
News World Bank report on Palestinian water sector: "West Bank and Gaza: Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development", April 2009
News Zer0-M Video "The Innovative Turn" available on the internet: Sustainable water systems in Germany
5th Mediterranean Water Forum