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News GMES presented during the 'Towards e-Environment' conference in Prague

A GMES session has been presented during the international conference "Towards e-Environment" held in 24-27 March 2009 in Prague.

The programme of the session focused mainly on GMES services for end-users from new Member States and on its atmosphere and land services. As an outcome of the conference, it was recommended that the activities of the tree EU initiatives - SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System), INSPIRE and SISE - should be further integrated to improve data use.

At the end, sharing of good practices, expertise and cooperation between Commission and Member States was also put forward as a mean ton enhance the use of ICT and environmental services for decision making.

The conference conclusions consisted also of seven recommendations to Commission and to Member States including: to further underpin the SEIS Initiative; to further pursue the integration of SEIS, INSPIRE and SEIS activities for improving data use and to ensure consistency between for opening data licensing and policies in these tree initiatives. Moreover, the Commission is invited to strengthen and extend the SEIS concept to Member States and to other European policies such as agriculture, transport, fisheries, marine, health, energy and civil protection. Finally, it was recommended that the Commission and Member States should support sharing of good practices, expertise and cooperation for facilitating more sophisticated use of ICT and environmental services for decision making.

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