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News EU Foreign Ministers assess relations with Mediterranean Partners – Council Conclusions

"The Mediterranean region is of crucial strategic importance to the European Union. Further to the February 2008 conclusions on strengthening the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), significant progress has been made on reinforcing bilateral cooperation with all Mediterranean countries on the basis of the key principles underpinning the ENP, namely partnership, joint ownership, differentiation and tailor-made assistance, in full compliance with its single, inclusive, balanced and coherent policy framework," the EU Foreign Affairs ministers say in their Council Conclusions.

The Conclusions adopted refer to key developments with each Partner state. More specifically, they welcome the completion of discussions on Morocco's advanced status with respect to the EU and the prospects for reinforced EU relations with Tunisia and Jordan further to their interest for a stronger partnership. The General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAERC) also welcomes Algeria's willingness to fully implement its Association Agreement, and the start of negotiations with Libya aiming to achieve the rapid conclusion of a Framework Agreement providing for dialogue on foreign and security policy and cooperation in key areas of common interest.   Furthermore, it welcome's Egypt's request to strengthen its relations with the EU and notes a thorough examination of future measures has started, in compliance with full implementation of the Action Plan. The forthcoming initializing of the Association Agreement with Syria, is noted   Regarding the deepening of relations between the EU and the Palestinian Authority, the Foreign Ministers refer to the recent political dialogue held at ministerial level and the setting-up of four specialised subcommittees tasked with following up the bilateral Action Plan.   On relations with Israel, the Council reaffirms its determination to upgrade their level and intensity within the context of the adoption of the new instrument which will replace the current Action Plan from April 2009. It says that building-up must be based on the shared values of both parties and also be conceived and viewed in the context of the full range of our common interests and objectives. These include, inter alia, the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An Annex with guidelines for strengthening the political dialogue structures is included.  

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