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News Call for book chapters: Climate change adaptation

Title: Climate change adaptation in developed nations
Editors: Dr James D. Ford and Dr Lea Berrang Ford, Dept. of Geography, McGill University, Montreal
Publisher: Springer, Netherlands

Recent experience from Hurricane Katrina to the European Heatwave has challenged the notion that developed nations have limited vulnerability to climatic risks. Climate change is expected to change the magnitude, frequency and spatial distribution of climatic risks affecting developed nations, with potential wide ranging implications. In many regions climate change is already having an impact. Finding ways to reduce or moderate the negative effects of current and projected climate change (i.e. adaptation) is emerging as key area of climate policy. Governments, business, municipalities, industry, and NGOs are among those seeking to identify adaptation needs and policy entry points. As many commentators have noted, however, there is an ‘adaptation deficit’ between the policies and research that are needed to promote and support adaptation and what is currently available. This book will profile the latest research in climate change adaptation and policy analysis in developed nations, identifying adaptation strategies which can reduce climate change vulnerability in different sectors, highlighting examples of best practice for managing climate risks, evaluating cases where adaptation plans have been developed, and outlining challenges to effective adaptation. The book will be targeted at the scientific community and policy makers involved in climate change adaptation planning.

Call for chapters

Chapters are being sought from researchers, policy makers, and others involved in climate change adaptation planning in the following areas:

1.    Public health and climate change adaptation
2.    Adaptation to climate change in the urban environment
3.    Climate change adaptation in industry
4.    Adapting to climate change in the agricultural sector
5.    Climate change adaptation in resource dependent communities

Chapters should focus on developed nations, defined here as those nations comprising annex II to the UNFCCC. Each chapter will be limited to a maximum of 3500 words, reflecting the objective of the book to introduce readers to a range of key issues on climate change adaptation in a number of sectors. All articles will be subject to peer review. Preference will be given to articles focusing on practical case-studies and examples of adaptation initiatives. Submissions related to municipal, industrial, and government adaptation approaches are particularly encouraged.

Authors are invited to submit a short proposal (250 words maximum), describing the topic and scope of the proposed chapter.

Important Dates

Important dates include:

1.    Deadline for submission of short proposals: June 25th 2008
2.    Proposals selected/ approved for full article submission: July 2008
3.    Deadline for submission of full articles: November 30th 2008
4.    Expected publication: May 2009.

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Keyword(s) Climate change adaptation
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News date 26/05/2008
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